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Rav Ovadia Imprisoned by Love (Video)

Rav Ovadia Yosef, one of the leading Judaic sages of the generation, was imprisoned in his own car Monday for 45 minutes as a result of the adoration felt for him by masses of believers.

The spiritual leader of Shas and former Chief Sephardic Rabbi had arrived at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem for the grand Siyum HaShas ceremony, attended by an estimated 20,000 people.

Multitudes descended from the bleachers and surrounded the rabbi’s car, inadvertently preventing him from exiting the vehicle and climbing to the stage where rabbis and public officials were already seated.

Sephardic sage could not leave his car for 45 minutes, as it was mobbed by adorers at Teddy Stadium.

Minister Eli Yishai took the microphone and implored the multitudes to go back to their seats and quoted the police as saying that if this does not happen, the rabbi will have to go back home.

Forty-five minutes had elapsed by the time the rabbi was able to leave his car.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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