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Recognizing Accomplishment At PTACH

Dr. Ira and Dr. Richard Friedman received the Founders Award.

Dr. Ira and Dr. Richard Friedman received the Founders Award.

PTACH held its annual scholarship dinner on Sunday, March 23, at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan. One of the many highlights of the evening was current students’ sharing their personal achievements throughout their years at PTACH. As Yehada B., a student at the Chaim Berlin Elementary program, put it, “At my old school, my teachers and principals told me I was just being lazy and needed to focus more; they didn’t realize that I just couldn’t do it. Here at PTACH, the first time I got my report card I got great marks and I begged my mother to send a copy of it to my old principal to show him that I really can do it!”

A senior at the PTACH program at Yeshiva University High School for Girls, Ashley A., remarked, “Before I came to PTACH, when I did not do well on exams, I assumed I was not capable of doing any better, and therefore I never tried. At PTACH, with the small classes, the constant review and repetition, and all of the extra support from my teachers every step along the way, I am now ready to go off to college, where I will be majoring in marketing.” These speeches were met with warm applause to laud these students on their lofty accomplishments. A big thank-you to all those who so generously showed their support for this most worthy organization. v

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