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Report: Anti-Zionist Rabbi Attacked by Muslim Man in Amsterdam

A Neturei Karta rabbi has been hospitalized after he was assaulted by a Muslim man in the Dutch capital Amsterdam on Sunday, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported Sunday night.

A friend of Rabbi Yosef Antebi, told Channel 2: “As he was walking down the street, a car stopped next to him, and a man who appeared to be a Muslim immigrant came out. The immigrant started shouting anti-Jewish slurs at the rabbi. Rabbi Antebi is anti-Zionist, he does not advocate for war in the Middle East but he was identified as a Zionist. The Muslim started yelling at him and threatening him, and the rabbi noticed that the immigrant was going to attack him.”

Rabbi Antebi then implored passersby to help him, but was ignored, the friend said.

“He tried to escape, and the Muslim [man] began to run after him, caught him and started kicking him in the stomach and lungs,” said the friend. “He felt that he could not breathe, collapsed, began to vomit blood, while the immigrant spat on him. After the attacker fled the scene, Rabbi Antebi recovered a bit and managed to photograph him.”

Members of Neturei Karta oppose the existence of the State of Israel and have in the past made headlines for meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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