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Report: Copenhagen Synagogue Guard Dan Uzan’s Murder Caught on Surveillance Camera

Dan Uzan’s murder was — reportedly — caught on surveillance camera. Photo: Twitter.

The killing of volunteer Copenhagen synagogue security guard Dan Uzan has been captured on surveillance footage, Denmark’s Ekstra Bladet reported earlier this week.

Jeppe Juhl, a spokesman for the Jewish community in Denmark, described the footage as showing Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein, Uzan’s killer, faking illness in order to approach Uzan without raising suspicion. Juhl also called the footage “completely horrible” and said that it would never be released publicly. Juhl cited the fact that the video is currently in the hands of the police as preventing him from divulging greater detail about it.

Uzan’s murder by el-Hussein — who was tagged as a potential security risk by Danish intelligence in the summer of 2014 — sparked a public outpouring of grief and expressions of solidarity with Denmark’s 8,000-strong Jewish community, including a massive funeral (the crowd estimated to be some three and a half times larger than the entirety of Denmark’s Jewish population) attended by the nation’s Prime Minister.

Thursday saw the announcement of a massive new spending package from the Danish government aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the police and intelligence services. Reuters reports that of the 970 million krone to be spent (about US $148 million), 415 million (US $63.5 million) will be used to monitor foreign threats and 350 million (US $54 million) to improve emergency response and IT capacity.

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Source:: The Algemeiner

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