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Report: Hezbollah Installing Surveillance Cameras Along Border

Hezbollah has finished installing a network of surveillance cameras near the border with Israel, a Lebanese newspaper affiliated with the March 14 alliancereported Wednesday.

According to the report, which quoted defense sources in south Lebanon, some of the cameras were installed on trees a few meters from the border.

The al-Mustaqbal newspaper said that the network of cameras was directly connected to a distant war room. The cameras were installed to track Israeli army posts and patrols and to monitor the activity of Lebanese farmers along the border.

Terrorist group connected cameras to war room in order to track IDF activity, local farmers

It was further reported Hezbollah is also doing maintenance work on its telephone network south of the Litani.

The report comes a month after Hezbollah launched a drone at Israel claiming it was on a mission to photograph the Dimona reactor. The group said the drone photographed several sensitive facilities in Israel before being downed by the IDF.

InDecember 2010, WikiLeaks revealed that Lebanon was shocked to learn that Iran had installed a secret communications network in the country for Hezbollah’s use in February 2008.

The report created tensions between the government and the terrorist group. In May 2008, the government withdrew its decisions regarding the network and the parties then signed the Doha agreement which favored Hezbollah.

Source: Ynet News

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