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Rice Campaign Statement on Bruce Blakeman’s 9/11 Politicking and Ebola Fundraising

MINEOLA, NY — Kathleen Rice’s congressional campaign released the following statement today ahead of her opponent Bruce Blakeman’s press conference with Rep. Peter King. Blakeman, who yesterday sent an email attempting to use public fear of the Ebola outbreak as an opportunity to solicit campaign funds, today is joining Rep. King “to discuss District Attorney Kathleen Rice’s participation in a forum with a radical Imam,” despite the fact that Rice immediately withdrew from the event upon learning of the Imam’s involvement.

Statement from Rice Campaign Spokesperson Eric Phillips:

“Peter King is a regular at this Islamic Center and, just as he has many times, Kathleen Rice accepted an invitation to address its members in late November as the event’s sole speaker. As soon as we heard that this Imam had been added to an expanded panel of guests, we immediately pulled out of the event, condemned the Imam, and criticized the Islamic Center’s decision to give him a platform. Yesterday Bruce Blakeman was using news of a New York City doctor contracting Ebola to raise campaign money and now he’s blatantly lying about Kathleen Rice to score political points on 9/11. Blakeman’s actions are shameful and desperate and voters see that.”

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One Response to Rice Campaign Statement on Bruce Blakeman’s 9/11 Politicking and Ebola Fundraising

  1. Richard Thomas

    October 26, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Eric Phillips works for SD Knickerbocker – a shill for Obama campaign.
    Rice got slammed today in Newsday for her wrongful actions. This latest news just made me change my vote – I am voting against Rice… for Bruce Blakeman.