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Sales In Ramat Givat Ze’ev In Full Swing

The upscale Ramat Givat Ze’ev neighborhood continues to see record-breaking demand: in recent weeks, a highly successful sales campaign was held in the Orthodox communities in the United States. In a period of just three weeks, more than 90 contracts were signed—a record for a building project. The contracts follow the signatures of memorandums of understanding two years ago, when marketing for the neighborhood was launched.

Representatives of Chish Nofei Israel’s office traveled to the U.S. along with top-tier attorneys who provided professional guidance to the buyers and drew up the contracts. It should be noted that the buyers expressed satisfaction with the way Chish Nofei Israel managed the sales, and were grateful for the constant accompaniment through the process.

The group of American buyers are eagerly anticipating what is being billed as the “once-in-a-lifetime neighborhood.” Ramat Givat Ze’ev has generated waves of interest in Israel and abroad, and it’s not for naught. It is Chish Nofei Israel’s flagship project, and many American rabbanim have classified it as the most suitable way for Americans to realize their dream of moving to Israel. The project offers exclusive advantages for an easy absorption, with emphasis on building a warm, homogenous community, including an abundance of community institutions that suit the lifestyle of the residents.

There will be a boys’ cheder and girls’ elementary school, as well as other educational institutions suited to the community. This is a wonderful advantage for parents who know that their children can continue studying in Israel in a similar framework to what they are accustomed to in America. Indeed, many of the buyers are residents of the New York metropolitan area, from places such as Five Towns, Monsey, Teaneck, Passaic, and Queens, who have decided to make aliyah in light of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ramat Givat Ze’ev will offer a luxurious, contemporary residential setting that includes parks, shopping centers, picturesque central squares with fountains, a country club, and more. The neighborhood, located just north of Jerusalem, offers a suburban, tranquil setting with breathtaking views and the clear Jerusalem air, while still being in close proximity to the center of the capital.

In light of the issuance of final permits this coming month, the actual construction is about to begin. In recent months, the development work has been proceeding at a rapid pace. v

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