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Samsung Unveils The New Smartphone: It Bends, Stretches, And Fold into Your Wallet (Video)

Next year could bring a new twist in the  evolution of the smartphone.

Samsung are gearing up to produce flexible,  unbreakable mobile phone screens that can be bent, twisted and even folded up  and put in your wallet.

The South Korean tech giant reportedly has  the flexible screens in the final stage of development and will be ready to ship  them next year.

The breakthrough has been made by through the  use of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), which are thin and can be put on  flexible material such as plastic or metal foil.

Bendy: Samsung is gearing up to produce the next generation of mobile phone screens that can be bent and twisted by early next year, according to reports

Samsung is not the only company to have  invested heavily in research into flexible screens using OLEDs. Companies  including Japan’s Sony and LG Display, also of South Korea have launched  prototypes.

However Samsung is the first to promise a  launch date for the technology, with an unnamed source ‘familiar with the  situation’ telling the Wall Street  Journal they will ship in the first half of  2013.

Looking at the release dates of the company’s  flagship smartphones, the S series, that suggests that the first device to  feature the flexible screen technology could be the yet to be announced  S4.

The company’s move to produce the flexible  displays comes as smartphone and tablet makers search for ways to differentiate  their products in a market where customers face a glut of almost identical  products.

Vinita Jakhanwal, director of mobile and  emerging displays and technology at IHS Electronics and Media, told Tech News  World: ‘Flexible AMOLEDs can help  Samsung differentiate its products in a smartphone market where most products  offer similar products and functionality.’

Even if Samsung were not able to able able to  commercialise flexible screens straight away, making their screens out of  plastic rather than glass would make their devices lighter, more durable and  cheaper than rivals’.

A common bugbear with the kinds of  touchscreen displays often used on mobile devices is that they are brittle and  prone to cracking. Replacing the glass now used with plastic would solve that  problem.

Source: The Daily Mail

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