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Science Is SKAappening At HALB

Science is amazing, especially when shared with the HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center children by their SKA “big sisters.” This innovative hands-on monthly science program, conceived and implemented last year by then junior Yiela Saperstein, serves as a remarkable opportunity for SKA seniors and juniors to interact with four-year-old nursery children while teaching them fun science concepts. The SKA students, with the help of teachers, guide the children through the steps of the scientific method, encouraging them to think about what they are trying to do, make predictions as to what might happen, actually perform the experiment, and finally analyze their results. The children love feeling like real scientists as they pour and mix and shake, and learn new words to describe what they are doing and seeing. The children enjoy the time spent interacting with their SKA big sisters, and their big sisters feel the same way about them. They can’t wait for December to arrive for the next Science is SKAppening session.

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