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Shadow Boxing By Larry Gordon

It looks like Israel’s game of now you see us, now you don’t kind of Mohammad Ali rope-a-dope shadow boxing may have finally come to an end.  After almost twenty years of diplomatic fancy footwork the true colors of the so-called peace partners that were supposed to endeavor to create a formula that allows Jews and Arabs to live in peace side by side has been revealed.

And in brief this is what it is about.  The Arab world has failed in their objective to destroy the state of Israel militarily or through the most violent and vicious type of terror so they are trying a new untested venue—eliminating or at least weakening Israel through the diplomatic process.  And it seems—at least after last week’s UN vote on an upgraded Palestinian status—that the majority of the world seems much more comfortable diminishing Israel on paper than through the other tragic and destructive methods that were in some instances tried previously.

The objective here is essentially the same—eliminate the state of Israel but this time please, without all the blood.  The Palestinian move for an upgraded diplomatic status at the UN and the complicity of 138 member states in the continued effort to vilify Israel speaks volumes about where so much of the world stands when it comes to Jews and Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu stated the case rather profoundly over last weekend when he said: “If Israel would put down its arms there would be war, if the Arabs out down their arms there would be peace.”

So Israel is once again facing increased isolation in an ever growing hostile world.  There truth is that there is really no way to combat or neutralize this effort and that Israel and her leaders would be best off welcoming and accepting it instead of trying to argue with it, deny the facts or fight it off.

Israel’s history and destiny are interchangeable and the same.  They may call it isolation and defiant, we have to look at as uniqueness and specialness.

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