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Shalhevet Sixth Annual Scholarship Dinner

Shalhevet honorees Mr. Yossi and Mrs. Elaine Farber

Shalhevet honorees Mr. Yossi and Mrs. Elaine Farber

This past motzaeiShabbos, Midreshet Shalhevet held its 6th Annual Scholarship Dinner, honoring Mr. Martin and Mrs. Zena Cohen, Mr. Yossi and Mrs. Elaine Farber, and Mrs. Hindy Feder. At Temple Hillel, guests were greeted with a beautiful smorgasbord of delicacies before sitting down to dinner. Assistant Principal Mrs. Shaindy Lisker commenced the presentation with welcoming remarks and introduced roshmesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman. Rabbi Friedman highlighted the extraordinary qualities of each of the honorees and took a moment to memorialize the victims of the recent tragedies in France. Menahelet Mrs. Esther Eisenman then took the floor and spoke about the honorees and presented their gifts.

Guests of Honor Mr. Martin and Mrs. Zena Cohen are close partners with Shalhevet. Their commitment to Torah values and active roles in tzedakah organizations have made a strong impact in the Jewish community. Their daughter Tehila, a twelfth-grader at Shalhevet, has benefited from the secure partnership the Cohens and Shalhevet have created. The HakaratHatov honorees, Mr. Yossi and Mrs. Elaine Farber, epitomize the definition of ba’aleichesed. Their dedication to Shalhevet and to the community at large is outstanding. The Farbers constantly open their home to run many Shalhevet activities. Their daughter Shira, a senior at Shalhevet, clearly reflects the middot and Torah values she learned at home and her successes are built on the strong relationship between the Farbers and Shalhevet.

Teacher of the Year Mrs. Hindy Feder is one of a kind. A teacher with high expectations, her students work hard to meet success and thrive in her class. Mrs. Feder also serves as the Israel guidance liaison and helps each student find the seminary that is best suited for her. From the words of senior Devora Chait, “You have deepened our appreciation of learning more than we could have imagined, and we are truly appreciative that we have the opportunity to learn from you every single day, whether in class or out. When we grow up, we all want to be Mrs. Feder.” The evening wrapped up with a touching thank-you video from the Shalhevet students acknowledging both the school and the people who support it for allowing them an unbelievable education and incredible opportunities.

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