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Shalhevet’s Israel Alumni Reunion

The Shalhevet reunion

The Shalhevet reunion

The second annual Israel Alumni reunion for Shalhevet girls took place last Thursday in Yerushalayim. Principal Mrs. Eisenman traveled to Israel to visit various seminaries which Shalhevet students have attended or expressed interest in attending. In previous years, Shalhevet graduates have been accepted to wonderful seminaries such as Michlalah, Shaalvim, MMY, Harova, Tiferet, Midreshet Moriah, and Tomer Devorah. While on her trip, Mrs. Eisenman treated the alumnae to a delicious dinner at the popular Café Rimon. The girls, who are studying in numerous seminaries, came to see their beloved principal and catch up with their high school friends.

All of the Shalhevet girls are truly enjoying the Israel experience and gaining as much as possible. Kayla Zeitz and Philly Korman (who are both studying in Shaalvim) told Mrs. Eisenman that the education they received in Shalhevet has enabled them to feel confident with their ability to learn in the beis midrash. Dani Ellman and Zahava Schwartz (also at Shaalvim) said “Our experiences at Shalhevet really prepared us for Israel. We would not have had the same experiences elsewhere.” Jennifer Giller, (Tiferet) said that “Shalhevet instilled a true love for Israel through their Committee for Israel Advocacy, and all the time spent on Israel activism has made my year even more incredible.” Liora Aeder (MMY) added, “Dinner was really fun. It was so nice being together with all of my Shalhevet friends.” The class of 2014 is already looking forward to its reunion next year! v

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