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Shopping-Spree Raffle Winner Gets the Call

The lucky winners with Teri Schure, executive director  of the Cedarhurst Business Improvement District

The lucky winners with Teri Schure, executive director
of the Cedarhurst Business Improvement District

The Cedarhurst Business Improvement District (BID) Board member Ari Brown pulled Susie Hirschel’s winning ticket from a basket of thousands of other tickets at their September 17 meeting.

When Teri Schure, excutive director of BID, called Ms. Hirschel the following day to let her know she was the raffle winner, there was such a long pause on the phone, she thought the call had dropped. Ms. Hirschel later said she thought the call was a fraud, until she was reminded that she’d filled out the winning ticket and put it in the Sox World Plus raffle box during the July 17 to July 21 Sidewalk Sale. Once the news sunk in, she was incredibly happy, shocked and excited.

Ms. Hirschel and several of her family members were invited to Sox World Plus, at 120 Cedarhurst Avenue, on October 11, so the BID could present her with the $1,000 in Cedarhurst vouchers. Sox World Plus owner Alicia Cascio, Ms. Schure, and other village officials were in attendance.

This is the fourth Cedarhurst Shopping Spree raffle the Cedarhurst BID has sponsored, and the first time the winning ticket has come from Sox World Plus.

Hirschel, a Cedarhurst resident, has been living and shopping in Cedarhurst for years. On the day of the Sidewalk Sale, she decided to stop by Sox World Plus, and while there, filled out the lucky ticket.

Alicia of Sox World Plus, a men’s and women’s hosiery, undergarments, and exercise apparel store, said she was thrilled to have the winner of the raffle picked from her store and added that she really enjoyed participating in the Sidewalk Sale and the Shopping Spree.

Thirty-one Cedarhurst stores participated in this year’s Shopping Spree raffle, so Ms. Hirschel should have no problem spending her $1,000. v

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