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Rachel’s hands do not work… and neither do her feet…
About the ONLY THING Rachel can do is SMILE. refuahachim
But why would she?
• Constant hospitalization
• Little to no government help
Theres not much to smile about for Rachel or the hundreds of other severely ill children that show up to the Refuah VeChaim Institutions, or beg for our outreach.
Without YOU Rachel has no chance… NO CHANCE AT ALL
Our goal is to make Rachel and other severely disabled (and folks, Chevra, friends… we mean VERY SEVERELY disabled children) smile, at the very least on Shabbous.
Click here to learn more about Refuah VeChaim
On Shabbous everyone should have a chance to SMILE.
“When you make a child as ill as Rachel SMILE… Surely Hashem, Our Lord will SMILE on YOU!”
Show your heart and please DONATE NOW.
Refuah VeChaim has dozens of small programs 7 days a week, many costing as little as $10.
refuahachim2Think about it… For as Little as $10, Refuah VeChaim has a program that will make Rachel or one of the other Jewish children at Refuah VeChaim have a reason to SMILE.
Please give the saddest Jewish children in Israel a reason to SMILE.
Click here to donate.

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