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Sign On To Save A Young Boy’s Life

The Cohen family, of Houston, TX, is facing a battle none of us should have to go through—aggressive brain cancer in their six-year-old son Refael Elisha (Refael Elisha Meir ben Devorah). Having recently received the devastating news from their doctors that “there is nothing more we can do for him,” the Cohens are turning to a last resort—antineoplaston herapy at the Burzynski Clinic. However, the FDA pulled its approval for this treatment in 2012 pending further clinical trials. They are told that the FDA is nearing approval to resume this treatment, but Refael Elisha does not have time to wait.

The FDA has the power to approve a “compassionate use exemption” so Refael Elisha can undergo this therapy to try and save his life. They are asking the FDA to grant this exemption so they can continue to fight for his life.

100,000 signatures are needed in order for the White House to consider this. You may sign the petition at



antineoplaston-therapy/BVSP1ZkW. v

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