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Slichot With A Twist: Slichot Services with Rabbi Batzri Held at Jerusalem Dance Club

Club HaOman 17 in the Jerusalem’s Talpiot Industrial Zone hosted slichot services Wednesday evening. Cantor Yehiel Nahari, a well known Sephardic singer led the prayers. The Hebrew prayers, traditionally recited before Rosh Hashannah were displayed on a large screen.

Rabbi David Batzri and his son Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri spoke at the services. The elder Rabbi Batzri is a revered Kabbalist and he spoke about the importance of repentance.

The chairman of the Hidabroot Jewish cable TV network Rabbi Zamir Cohen, also known for his books explaining biblical miracles scientifically,  spoke as well. The servcies were broadcast over the TV network.

HaOman 17 is one of the most well-known dance clubs in Israel with locations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It regularly holds late night dance parties and hosts famous international DJs.

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