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Sticking To His Guns: Obama Tells Egyptian president Hamas Must Stop Firing on Israel

Israel’s air strikes have intensified in the past few hours, and Hamas rocket attacks into southern Israel have continued unabated. Prospects for an early ceasefire faded, with Hamas and Israel far apart. International efforts are continuing to push the two sides toward a truce before Israel launches a wider ground offensive to try to wipe out Gaza’s terror infrastructure.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is talking to the top ministers as the forum of nine gathers to discuss the ongoing operation in Gaza.

There is a reported proposal for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and a phone call from US President Barack Obama to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi seems to strengthen that notion.

Israel is demanding 72 hours of quiet before discussing the terms of the long-term agreement, Udi Segal reports on Channel 2.

After those three days without fighting, Jerusalem will discuss the demands Hamas has set forth: Allowing products into Gaza and stopping the naval blockade, as well as stopping the targeted killings. Israel is asking for a safety strip along the Gazan side of the fence and an end to the military buildup of the Hamas.

Ehud Ya’ari says the Islamic Jihad is also on board the talks for a ceasefire.


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