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Survey: Israeli Mobile App Use Ranks Highest in the World

Israelis love using their cellular applications, according to a new survey taken by Meidata on behalf of Export Institute, Israeli business website Calcalist reported Wednesday.

At 80 minutes of daily use, citizens of the Jewish state rank ahead of Sweden (76 minutes) and Singapore (75 minutes) as the most app-absorbed people in the world. Surprisingly, Americans average less than half the amount of time using their smart device applications, at only 38 minutes a day on average.

Israelis have plenty of downloads to choose from, too. On average, they download 32 applications to their smart device, which is on an even keel with France and one less than the US, but still high compared to the global average.

A comparison of global data shows that Israel produces a significant amount of apps per capita: 1 in 200 available on the market today. About 1,500 individuals and companies are developing applications, and they account for 5,000 applications published on the market today.

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Source: The Algemeiner

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