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Suspicious Wires on Delta flight Headed Out of Kennedy Airport Could have Been the Beginnings of a Bomb, Source Says

Investigators have not ruled out the possibility someone was putting together an explosive device when wires were found about a Spain-bound Delta flight, forcing an emergency landing, a law enforcement official said Friday.

Delta Flight 126 turned around about an hour into its flight Thursday night and landed safely at Kennedy Airport.

No bomb was found and none of the 277 passengers were arrested.

Inside the bathroom, however, air marshals found two suspicious wires — one on the toilet and one in the sink — and each fed through a two-inch long dark-colored straw.

The wiring was stripped at both ends.

Authorities interviewed several passengers on the Spain-bound Delta flight, including an Argentinian woman and a Pakistani-American. Two suspicious wires found in one of the plane’s bathrooms could have linked a battery and an explosive.

The investigators believe the wiring could have been the beginnings of a bomb.

The wires on one end of the straw, the official said, could be affixed to a battery, with the other end tied to an explosive.

“There is the possibility somebody was interrupted,’’ the official said.

Source: The NY Daily News
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