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Synagogue Bomber Pleads Guilty, Gives DA 1st State-Level Terror Conviction

He’d dreamed of blowing up ten synagogues — simultaneously, on the same remote detonator. He called himself a “mastermind,” yearned for “chaos and ruckus,” and grinned like an excited child moments before his Midtown arrest, as he purchased what he thought was a live grenade and then held it in his hand.

Bomb plotter Ahmed Ferhani pleading guilty to all ten of the hate and terror felonies lodged against him today — giving Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., the first state-level terror conviction in New York state.

In return for his admission of guilt, the mentally-ill Algerian immigrant agreed to serve a 10-year prison sentence offered him by a Manhattan judge over the objection of prosecutors, who’d asked for 14 years.

Ahmed Ferhani

The sentence, to be executed on January 3 by the same judge, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus, is a significant break from the potential maximum of 32 years Ferhani had faced had he gone to trial and been convicted of the top terror and hate crime conspiracy counts against him. After serving his ten-year term, he faces “inevitable” deportation back to Algeria, the judge said.

Ferhani and a second man, Mohamed Mamdough, whose case is pending, were accused of plotting to blast away with guns and grenades at unspecified synagogues in New York City.

Ferhani, who prosecutors called a drug dealer with a history of a knife-point robbery, was captured on sting tape last year calling Jews “rats” and saying he wanted to grow a beard and curly hair locks to more easily sneak into a synagogue and plant explosives, according to the case against him.

He was arrested in Midtown in May, 2011, moments after purchasing three guns — a Barretta, a Browning and a Smith & Wesson — and an inert grenade from an undercover, officials said.

Source: NY Post

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