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Syria slams Israel for health violations on Golan

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Syria presented a report to the
U.N.’s World Health Organization Monday on the “deterioration of the health
conditions of the Syrian population in the occupied Golan as a result of the
suppressive practices of the Israeli occupation.” Nowhere did the report
mention the more than 80,000 civilians slaughtered in Syria, the tens of
thousands more injured or disfigured, the 2.5 million refugees or the 2 million
children internally displaced, U.N. Watch reported.

Click photo to download. Caption: Flag of the World Health Organization (WHO). Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The Syrian Health Ministry said
that Syrians were being deprived of medical treatment for rejecting Israeli
citizenship, and there was an “acute shortage of primary and tertiary health
care services owing to the lack of integrated medical centers in the occupied
Syrian Golan.” The Syrian report accuses Israel of torturing Syrians held in
Israeli prisons, using Arab and Syrian detainees for “testing medicines,”
burying nuclear waste in the Golan and “planting the cease-fire line with nuclear
and radioactive land mines.”

In a statement, Israel’s
Permanent Mission to the U.N. and other international organizations in Geneva
said “All residents of the Golan Heights enjoy high-quality medical services
equal to all other residents of Israel” and “the State of Israel regards the
continuous World Health Assembly’s debate on the health conditions in the
‘occupied Syrian Golan,’ as an absurd example of the way the assembly’s agenda
is cynically abused [and the] World Health Organization’s limited resources
squandered, and will not cooperate with it.”

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