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Tea For Tehillim

Devora Golombeck and Hana Adler

Devora Golombeck and Hana Adler

Two Shulamith Middle School students, Hana Adler and Devora Golombeck, embarked on a meaningful task before their recent trip to Israel. Because this is their bat mitzvah year, they wanted to do something special, a chesed that would mean something. They organized a fundraiser in school by selling iced tea to their schoolmates. With the money they raised, Hana and Devora purchased beautiful leather bound sifrei Tehillim that they hoped to deliver to women soldiers stationed in the army base in Chevron. With the help of Rebbetzin Chanie Wolowik, of Chabad of the Five Towns, who was in touch with the Chabad shlucha in Chevron, they were able to get a list of the names of the 30 women soldiers stationed there. The Tehillims were personalized and engraved with each soldier’s name. A note was placed inside each Tehillim that read, “May Hashem watch over you and keep you safe. Thank you for keeping us safe.”

Hana, Devora, and their families traveled to Chevron this past January along with the Chabad of The Five Towns Israel mission. When they arrived at the base, the first soldier they met was a chayelet named Nili. They presented her with her beautiful, personalized Tehilim and you could see the surprise on her face. She said that she had never received such a special gift before, “It is as if a malach came from nowhere to give me this incredible gift that I will always treasure.” Hana and Devora met additional chayalot and they gave them each their sefer Tehilim. They were all equally moved and touched by the thoughtful gesture.

Hana Adler, who will be celebrating her bat mitzvah this Shabbos, said, “It felt so good to do this chesed for the chayalot. The expression on their face is something I will never forget.” v

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