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Teenage Girl Who Got a 30-Day Jail Sentence for Flipping off a Judge Gets Released after Tearful Apology (Videos)

A Miami teenager who made national  headlines  for flipping off a judge was released from jail Friday after  she tearfully  apologized for her actions.

Penelope Soto, 18, apologized before  Circuit  Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, saying she was under the influence of Xanax and  alcohol when she made the obscene gesture. Video of the confrontation went viral  online.

‘I apologize not only to the court and you,  but to my family,’ Soto told the judge with tears in her eyes,  reported.

Rodriguez-Chomat dropped her 30-day jail  sentence following her apology.

Soto was appearing in court the first time after she was  arrested for drug  possession. After her bond was set at $10,000, she made the  offensive  gesture to Rodriguez-Chomat.

As a result, she was hauled back in front of  the judge and given a jail sentence for  contempt of court.

The exchange, seen in a video posted on  LiveLeak, began when Soto was asked about her financial assets.

Standing up in court wearing an orange  jumpsuit told him she earned $200 a week  and said her assets included her  jewellery and a car.

When he asked her how much her jewellery was worth, she  laughed, and said ‘a lot.’

Realizing her laughter did not reflect the  gravity of the situation Judge  Rodriguez-Chomat told her: ‘It’s not a joke, you know, we’re not in a club now,’

‘We are not in a club, be serious about  it.’

Still looking amused and stroking her hair Soto answered ‘I’m serious about it, you  just made me laugh.’

‘You just made me laugh, I apologize. It’s  worth a lot of money,’ she continued.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat asked Soto if she had  taken any drugs in the past 24 hours, which she denied.

Throughout the exchange Soto’s facial expressions varied from boredom to amusement and she was constantly  moving and  flicking her hair.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat then set Soto’s bond  at $5,000 and said ‘bye, bye.’

In response, Soto laughed and replied ‘Adios’  as she walked away.

Throughout the exchange Soto’s facial expressions varied  from boredom to amusement and she was constantly moving and flicking her  hair

After a second’s hesitation, Judge  Rodriguez-Chomat called Soto back and asked for the papers to be handed back to  him.

After scribbling on them, he then reset her  bond at $10,000, to which a shocked Soto replied: ‘Are you  serious?’

As she turned to walk away again Soto flipped Judge Rodriguez-Chomat and said: ****  ***.’

Again looking amused Judge Rodriguez-Chomat  called Soto back again and gave her a 30-day jail sentence for contempt of  court.

Soto had appeared in court on Monday for  possession of Xanax bars – the anti-anxiety drug is available on prescription,  but is commonly used as an easy high.

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