Tens Of Thousands Expected At Parnassah Expo, February 12

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By Shimmy Blum

In our modern business-world frenzy, achieving success is no simple feat. Confusion and competition reign, and proper resources and direction can be hard to find.

Thankfully, a diverse group of savvy businessmen and Jewish community leaders have joined to create a force to help individuals and businessmen reach greater heights in their business and employment endeavors. On February 12, 2013, the “Nationwide Parnassah Expo and Networking Event” will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, with scores of attendees from communities across North America expected to attend.

This first-of-its-kind community networking event is the brainchild of Dovid Honig, a New Jersey entrepreneur and community activist who founded the “Learn and Network” organization, which now counts several branches in New York, New Jersey, and Israel. Learn and Network pools a broad array of business networking, vocational, and social service resources within a vibrant Torah learning program. It has already succeeded in providing an individualized framework for personal and financial growth to countless community members of all ages and income levels.

Learn and Network hosted its inaugural Parnassah Expo in Lakewood last winter, and an overflow crowd of over 7,000 men and women from around the country filled the halls, a great number of them accomplishing tangible business advancement or securing jobs. The upcoming event will take the “Expo” concept to a whole new level, by filling over 60,000 square feet of the Exposition Center with unprecedented opportunity for “Every age; Every stage.”

“Every industry has its own trade show,” notes Shea Rubinstein, a construction executive and head of the JCC of Marine Park. “The Expo takes a proven concept and tailors it to the Jewish community—all under one umbrella.”

The Expo will feature a variety of easy-to-locate sections, which will offer businesses of every size and nature an invaluable chance to expose their products and services to a universe of new clients and avail themselves of contacts and resources to improve their own business’s performance. There will be special Expo sections for businesses in the real estate, construction, healthcare, technology, import/export, manufacturing, and other industries, to interact with others with a common interest. Another section will feature general business enhancement resources (marketing, legal advice, financing, management, etc.) and a special investors circle to match up business capital with promising ventures.

In addition, there will be a section to showcase job openings of all income levels, assisting both job seekers and businesses looking to hire. Those in the process of pursuing careers will also enjoy special sections showcasing academic and professional training resources, and social service organizations and headhunting corporations to help them find jobs and keep them afloat until they secure a reliable livelihood.

Businessmen and activists from communities as diverse as Boro Park, Flatbush, Marine Park, Far Rockaway/Five Towns, Cleveland, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Montreal, and beyond have taken a leading role in reaching out to individuals and businesses in their midst. In addition to a host of corporate sponsors, the Zev Brenner Show and various community publications are sponsoring the event and helping spread the word to the broadest possible audience.

For more information about reservations (including pre-registering for networking groups) or to take advantage of the special rates for early reservations, visit www.parnassahexpo.com or e-mail info@parnassahexpo.com.

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