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The 10 greatest mysteries in Israel

Photo of Galgal Refaim courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Is there a mermaid in Kiryat Yam? What is the ancient 600-year-old wheel of ghosts in the Golan Heights? And where are the Maccabees really buried?

Photo of Galgal Refaim courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

If you’ve ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, you know that the history of the Holy Land is filled with intriguing mysteries. Despite Indiana Jones-style explorers’ best guesses, we don’t know where the ark and other precious furnishings from the first Holy Temple lie buried. And we’re still not certain who wrote each of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Here is a list of other perplexing mysteries in Israel, some from thousands of years ago and others as recent as yesterday’s news.


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Source: Israpundit

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