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The Rocket Hits Twice: Sderot Home Struck, Again

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice, but that is certainly not true when it comes to terrorist rockets. The home of the Timsit family in the town of Sderot was struck by a rocket Friday morning, five years after the first time a rocket hit it.

No one was physically hurt but the house was damaged and a woman suffered emotional trauma.

A group ideologically affiliated with Al Qaeda said it was behind the attack. The “Mujahedeen Shura Committee,” which based in Sinai and Gaza, says it fired at Sderot as part of the “the retaliation by the [Muslim] lions against the Jewish attacks.”

One reason cited for the attack is a wine festival that is scheduled to be held near a museum in Beer Sheva that served as a mosque until 1948. Another is the arrest of Arab female terrorists who had been released in the Shalit deal.

The group claimed responsibility for a rocket barrage earlier this week, and for previous attacks as well.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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