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The Shalhevet Adventure Begins

Shalhevet girls bonding with their “sisters”

Shalhevet girls bonding with their “sisters”

Midreshet Shalhevet is very excited to welcome the class of 2018. The students started the year off with orientation, where they met their teachers, got acquainted with the administration, and partook in an Owl ceramics activity. They bonded with their senior class “big sisters” on a trip to Adventure Park in Long Island. There the girls participated in numerous obstacle and ropes courses with varying degrees of elevation and difficulty. The “sisters” connected as they swung from ladder to ladder and walked across thin ropes. Some of the seniors encouraged the freshmen to participate, while some of the ninth-graders had to push the seniors to climb the ropes. A few of the students even managed to complete the extreme black course. Dassa Bitterman and Daniella Azose, who both completed the intense course, said it was tough and exhausting but well worth it. They felt accomplished once they reached the end. Senior Devora Chait shared how nice it was to get to know her “little sister” and was excited about becoming friends with many of the new students. The seniors and freshmen bonded tremendously and it was an excellent start to what promises to be a great school year!

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