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The Sounds of Evil: Full Police Recording of the Abduction Revealed

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency


After partially revealing yesterday the recording of the phone conversation placed by Gilad Sha’ar to the police shortly after being abducted, the police fully disclosed today the entire recording which lasted for two minutes and fourteen seconds.

The recording reveals what happened in the kidnappers’ car a short time after the boys were abducted: Gilad Sha’ar is heard telling the police ”I’ve been abducted”; the terrorists shout at them to put their heads down; then the sound of gunfire is heard, cries of pain from the boys are recorded, and then you can hear another barrage of gunfire, the congratulations of the terrorists, their expressions of joy for having ‘three’, and then one of them is heard singing. The boys went silent.

In the background an Israeli radio cannel is playing. The officers responding to the call ask for a response, but receive none. The police did not realize the seriousness of the call at the time and failed to respond quickly. Because of the police’s failure to act, the killers had enough time to hide the bodies and make their escape. It took 18 days to recover the bodies, and the terrorists themselves have not been caught yet. Subsequently, several officers were removed from their positions because of their failure.

The call appeared to have disrupted the kidnappers’ plans, who had to shoot the teens immediately, while still in the car. It appears that this was not their initial intention.

Eulogizing his son, Ofir Sha’ar spoke of the pride he felt when hearing the recording. It is a testimony to the boy’s bravery and resourcefulness.

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2 Responses to The Sounds of Evil: Full Police Recording of the Abduction Revealed

  1. Margaret Burton

    July 2, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    An American Christian who by the age of three had learned from her pastor father to love Israel, with the rest of the Christians in America,I grieve with you, and have prayed, and do pray for the Lord to comfort you as only He can.

    • Margaret Burton

      July 2, 2014 at 7:03 pm

      An American who loves Israel, I grieve with you and thousands of other Americans. We pray for
      G-d’s comfort for you.