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The TOVA Mentoring Purim Fundraiser

“Aniyei ircha kodmin”—Local charities take precedence—was the message that inspired 90 young men to enthusiastically and successfully go out on Purim to raise needed funds for TOVA Mentoring. The young fundraisers volunteered after Eliezer Fuld, director of development at TOVA, visited several yeshivas a few weeks ago to speak about the projects of TOVA Mentoring and asked for volunteers to collect on Purim.

The young men traveled through the local neighborhoods and had a good time visiting homes in the festive Purim spirit and spreading information about the vital role that TOVA plays in helping the youth of the area cope with difficulties in their lives. Each collector was aware that no one can ever know when they or someone close to them might be in need of TOVA’s support system. This message evidently hit home and resulted in a significant and successful fundraiser.

According to Fuld, the next program will be a raffle with a first prize of $100,000. “I hope that the community will respond generously once again,” said Fuld. “The more money we raise, the more programs we can run and the more young people we can help. It’s as simple as that!”

For more information about TOVA Mentoring and to offer your help, e-mail Eliezer Fuld at or call 516-295-0550, ext. 102. v

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