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Tiger Savages His American Trainer to Death in Front of Horrified Audience Watching Circus Performance (Video)

A tiger killed its trainer during a circus  performance in northern Mexico, it emerged today.

Footage posted on YouTube purportedly shows  the trainer, American Alexander Crispin circling two tigers during his act for  Circo Suarez in Sonora state.

One of the animals then lunges towards the  35-year-old and pulls him to the ground.

Mexican news agency Notimex reported Mr  Crispin suffered neck injuries from bites and scratches on Saturday.

This picture is believed shows the trainer Alexander Crispin ‘Suarez’, who was killed by a tiger during a performance of Circus Suarez in the city of Hermosillo, Mexico

He was taken by ambulance to the Red Cross  hospital Huatabampo, Sonora where he died while receiving medical care,  as a  result of hypovolemic shock.

The video shows spectators fleeing the circus  tent as two workers beat the tiger to free Mr Crispin, who was pinned to the  ground.

It is presumed that the Bengal Tiger was killed by one of the companions of the trainer during the struggle to  try to  save the trainer’s life.

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