Trembling And Running By Larry Gordon

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What an interesting and intriguing piece of news out of Israel.  A newspaper editor of a hareidi newspaper—Hapeles—was roughed up by two assailants as he left his home in the usually quiet community of Bayit Vegan the other day in Jerusalem.

I’m not sure what is going on, but there seems to be a turf war less of the West Side Story variety and more in the direction of trying to control the thought process of the so-called ultra-Orthodox communities in the state of Israel.

As a result newspapers like Hapeles (which I never heard of before last week) and the Israeli Yated Neeman along with a few others are propagating and advancing different varieties of spin on the approaches and attitudes that Chareidim are best off adapting and following in Eretz Yisrael.

There is no question that if you are a leader that is recognized as being able to influence or control the fashion in which tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people think then you are a force to be reckoned with.

So you can rest assured that whatever you think this has to do with if you are having trouble figuring it out then the best formula to apply so that the scenario becomes somewhat logical is simple—just follow the money trail.  If you do that it will quickly all fall into place.  In this case it is money and power which as you know, tend to go hand in hand.

So let’s take a few moments here and try to make sense of this and other stories currently emanating from the Jewish world both here and abroad.  First, I have always been intrigued by political coups or government takeovers and how the first order of business in these usually corruption fueled endeavors is to take control of a countries or cities media properties.

Amongst the recent cases in point is the shutting down of internet services in Syria a few weeks ago as a way of limiting average Syrian citizens from communicating to the outside world the extent and the severity of the brutality being used against them by the Assar regime.  Those seeking control of a population cannot do so without controlling TV, radio and newspaper outlets.

There is really no comparison between what goes on in Damascus or Tehran with what is taking place today in Jerusalem or Bnai Brak but let’s do our best to make sense of it by trying to do what was suggested above—-lets follow the money or in this election season, thee power trail.

The way I understand it from my sources and friends on the ground in both Jerusalem and Bnai Brak part of what is going on here is the jockeying for position in the aftermath of the passing of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashav, ztl, whom for decades was the mostly undisputed leader of the Torah world and the person whose every decision on matters of halacha were carefully analyzed, scrutinized and adhered to.

More in today’s 5TJT and at 5TJT.COM.

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