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U.S. Understands Corrie family’s Disappointment in Israel Suit

The United States said Tuesday that it understood the disappointment of late US activist Rachel Corrie’s family after an Israeli court cleared the military of any responsibility for her death.

The United States declined to comment further over the case in its close ally, saying the family had a right to appeal. Corrie was killed by an army bulldozer in 2003 as she tried to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home in Gaza.

“We understand the family’s disappointment with the outcome of the trial,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters, saying that US authorities “reiterate our condolences” over the death.

After Israeli court clears IDF of any responsibility for death of American activist in Gaza in 2003, State Department says it ‘understands family’s disappointment’

“Under Israeli law, the family has the right to appeal the verdict, and we’ve seen reports that they are considering doing that, so we will see how this proceeds going forward,” Nuland sai.

“It’s probably not productive to get into the middle of a legal process that may be ongoing,” she said.

Judge Oded Gershon concluded that the army did not show negligence and that the 23-year-old activist died of “an accident she brought upon herself.”

The verdict outraged Corrie’s family and a British peace activist who witnessed her death first-hand said it was “inconceivable” that the driver of the bulldozer did not see her.

Source: Ynet News

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