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‘Very tense’ situation for Ukrainian Jews, says country’s chief Chabad emissary

Ukrainian Chabad-Lubavitch Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman. Credit: Israel Hayom.

( The Jewish community in Ukraine is feeling the strain of the country’s revolution, according to Ukrainian Chabad-Lubavitch Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman.

“The situation in the [Jewish] community is very tense,” Azman told Israel Hayom. “We are on the brink of a war with Russia, and people are being called up to recruitment centers. Among them are also Jews who are supposed to be drafted to the Ukrainian army. It is not a simple situation.”

Currently, Ukrainians are most concerned about a possible violent outbreak in the Crimean peninsula. Azman, who is in contact with the Jewish community in the conflict zone, said, “There is tension there and the situation is not easy. With God’s help, we will overcome this situation and make it through. Chabad emissaries are working to help the Jews in all Ukrainian cities.”

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