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Video Shows Officer Shooting Palestinian Assailant

A video released Monday shows a Palestinian teen attacking a Border Guard post and then getting shot by an officer.

According to the IDF, Ziad Salameh, 17, who died in the incident last week, was brandishing a gun that later turned out to be fake. The weapon isn’t visible in the clip.

The video, which was shot from above by a security camera, shows Salameh confronting one of the border police officer at a checkpoint. Another officer then comes out of the post and fires at the teen at least twice, causing him to collapse.

The defense establishment at the time lauded the female border cop’s quick response. The officials stressed that she acted as was expected of her and followed the appropriate protocols.

After the incident, the officer recalled that she saw “the Palestinian attack the soldier and take out a gun from his back pocket.”

She said she fired three shots. “I knew that if I did anything wrong the other soldier could get killed. I know this was the mission – that I had to do it for my friend.”

Medical officials in Hebron said Salameh suffered gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen, adding that the Palestinian EMTs that arrived at the scene were not allowed to take him to a hospital.

Following the incident the officer received threats to her life as photos of her circulated on social networks.

Source: Ynet News

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