Woman Gets Life for Lottery Winner’s Murder

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The woman accused of befriending a  $30million lottery winner, swindling him of his cash and then killing him was sentenced to life in prison today.

Dorice ‘Dee Dee’ Moore, 40, was convicted of  first-degree murder, after she killed Florida lottery winner Abraham  Shakespeare. She became close to Abraham by claiming she was writing a  book about him.

Shakespeare’s body was found under a concrete  slab behind a home detectives say was owned by  Moore’s ex-boyfriend in Hillsborough County. He had been shot twice.

At the hearing, Moore showed little emotion  as the verdict was read, and Judge Emmett Battles said that she wasthe most  manipulative person’ he had ever seen and described her as ‘cold, calculating  and cruel.’

Convicted: Dorice ‘Dee Dee’ Moore will spend her life in prison after murdering lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare

Moore was also briefly  banned from the courtroom over concerns  that she may have threatened jurors. She was back a short time  later for  closing arguments, but said she did not want to take the stand in  order to  protect her family.

Moore is accused of killing Shakespeare, of  Polk County, in April 2009. He won a $30million lottery jackpot  in 2006.

Prosecutors said the 40-year-old Moore  befriended Shakespeare in late 2008,  claiming she was writing a book about how  people were taking advantage of him.  They claim Moore later became his  financial adviser, eventually controlling  every asset he had left after his  death, including an expensive home, the debt owed to him and a  $1.5 million  annuity.

‘She got every bit of his  money,’ said Assistant State  Attorney Jay Pruner in closing arguments. ‘He  found out about it and threatened  to kill her. She killed him  first.

Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee alleged that  she tried to dodge suspicion by using  Shakespeare’s phone to send family  members text messages saying he was  OK and also writing letters pretending to  be him, according to 10 News.

Moore denied the murder and says she took  over Shakespeare’s assets, about $3.5million and a mansion, authorities say, so he could get away from people  pestering him for money.

‘The money was like a curse to him. And  now  it’s become a curse to me,’ Moore told reporters in 2010. ‘God knows I would  never take another human being’s life.’

But investigators claim Moore turned to a man  called Greg Smith to cover up the crime.

Smith was already signed up as a sheriff’s  informant and was working with detectives to get close to her and gather  information.

Sheriff Gee alleged Moore trusted him so much  that she asked him for help to find a prisoner willing to take the blame for  killing Shakespeare in exchange for  $50,000.

During jury selection, a pool of 100  prospective jurors was screened yesterday. 10 News reported that more than half  raised their hand when asked if they  were familiar with the case and will now  each have to be quizzed on the  extent of their knowledge of the  case.

After his win Shakespeare, a 43-year-old  truck driver, won a court challenge from a fellow trucker who accused him of  snatching the winning ticket out of his wallet while the two  were delivering meat to Miami restaurants.

Shakespeare’s family reported him missing in  November 2009, telling the Polk County sheriff’s office they hadn’t seen him  since April.

Speaking at the time, Polk County Sheriff  Grady Judd said when their investigation began they had hoped to find  Shakespeare alive.

When the body was found, his brother Robert  Brown was quoted by 10 News as saying: ‘I’m missing my little brother, what  ain’t gonna be back no more.

‘Dead and gone, and everything. He ain’t  coming back.’

Source: The Daily Mail

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