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woops: Obama Endures Another Unfortunate Moment on the Campaign Trail

His critics will say this unfortunate photo  reveals a deeper problem with his presidency — that he’s just a walking  teleprompter.

A Reuters photographer captured a shot of  Barack Obama with his face obscured by a teleprompter during a campaign event at  Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday.

The Drudge Report suggested that the shot was  ‘rude.’ At the very least, it’s been raising eyebrows.

For just one moment, through one camera lens,  the President of the United States turned into a teleprompter.

Tella-Barack: For a moment, the President turned into a teleprompter during a campaign stop in Columbus, Ohio

There he is! From this angle, Obama doesn’t actually look like his face is a teleprompter

He was at the suburban Ohio college to speak  about the rising cost of college, but the medium seemed to get in the way of his  message — literally.

This isn’t the first time a chance angle has  made a news photograph look surrealistic.

Last week, an Associated Press photographer  caught a picture of the president that looked as though he had just conjured a  ball of fire in his outstretched hands.

But, it was just a street light, snapped at  precisely the right angle.

That photo set off an entirely new meme —  ‘Wizard Obama.’

During the Ohio stop, Obama promised to  expand the federal student loan program as a way to make college more affordable  and combat the rising cost of higher education.

Obama said he used those same student loans  to pay for his own schooling at Columbia University and Harvard Law  School.

Republican opponent Mitt Romney has blamed  the cost of higher education on the president’s ‘failed economic polities.’

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. Gevaldig

    August 23, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Picture Perfect, he never looked so good