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Yeshiva University Chancellor Rabbi Norman Lamm Retires

( Yeshiva University (YU) Chancellor Rabbi Norman Lamm, 85, has retired from his position at the university.

The rabbi’s retirement comes several months after The Forward reported on allegations of sexual abuse against two rabbis at Yeshiva University’s High School for Boys that occurred under his watch as President of YU during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“While I have yet to reach my father’s age, at this moment of transition in accordance with an agreement reached three years ago—as I step down from my positions as Chancellor of Yeshiva University and Rosh Hayeshivah, ending over 60 years of official affiliation with my beloved Yeshiva University as student, faculty member, Rosh Hayeshivah, President, and Chancellor,” Lamm said in a statement.

Lamm indicated in an interview last December that he knew of some of the allegations and chose to deal with them privately. In a letter announcing his retirement, Lamm expressed regret over his handling of the sexual abuse allegations.

“At the time that inappropriate actions by individuals at Yeshiva were brought to my attention, I acted in a way that I thought was correct, but which now seems ill conceived,” Lamm said.

“True character requires of me the courage to admit that, despite my best intentions then, I now recognize that I was wrong,” he added.


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3 Responses to Yeshiva University Chancellor Rabbi Norman Lamm Retires

  1. Shlomo

    July 2, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Years ago – this ‘rabbi’ ridiculed 1000s of Jews fighting to maintain their homes in Gush Katif – and he used a Torah phrase to imply we were acting like idol worshipers to fight for our homes in Israel – it was clear to us this man was poison and we see his resignation due to sexual abuse scandal to be a fitting end to this horrible man’s career – may he fade away into nothing soon – and face Hashem naked and ashamed for living his life in NY while still calling Israeli citizens warped for risking their life for the Land!

  2. Rachel

    July 2, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    After clicking the link to read the rest of the article, I noticed that you changed the title from “Yeshiva University Chancellor Rabbi Norman Lamm RETIRES” to “Yeshiva University Chancellor Rabbi Norman Lamm RESIGNS”.

    While I’d like to believe that this was simply an error, my gut tells me that you did it on purpose to make it sound more dramatic.

    Rabbi Lamm was an amazing leader for YU and he is honest enough to admit his regrets about the way he handled things at a time when abuse was not an issue that came with a protocol. Leaders in the Chassidish and Yeshivish world can take many lessons from this.

    To the editors who changed this title: If you don’t want people to view your paper like a tabloid, don’t act like one. Shame on you.

    • Editor

      July 2, 2013 at 6:47 pm

      Thank you for pointing out the mistake although it had nothing to do with anyone changing the title. If you look at the web address of the original story on it still says resigns. It seems someone over there may have changed the title of the story on a later date. I guess your gut can be wrong sometimes and I will leave it to others to decide on whom the shame should fall. Sometimes there is no conspiracy.