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Yeshivat Sderot: A Pillar Of Inspiration And Strength

The Sderot Hesder Yeshiva has continued to be a beacon of inspiration, even during Operation Pillar of Defense. The investment of donors and the State of Israel in armored buildings at the main campus in Sderot allows it to be a source of strength, inspiration, and assistance to the entire region.

Yeshiva students visit, help, and cheer up local families. They serve as active volunteers in Sderot’s local emergency first-response teams. The pensioners’ kollel is expanding its activities, providing Torah classes and a hot meal for Sderot’s senior citizens. Soldiers stationed in the area are treated to surprise solidarity visits and care packages. Torah study has been boosted in the yeshiva, going on around the clock 24/7 in shifts in solidarity with the IDF and residents of the South. This all while many of their rabbis, kollel men, and students were drafted into emergency IDF service!

The Sderot Yeshiva satellite branch in Kiryat Gat-Yeshivat Derech Chayim is located in ramshackle huts with no bomb shelters. It was therefore decided to move them to the “eye of the storm”—to the main campus in Sderot where all the buildings are armored.

The answer to terrorism is continued construction—building the Torah, strengthening Am Yisrael and our faith and trust in Hashem, and building bridges to the entire State of Israel by active participation in all official bodies and efforts to defend Eretz Yisrael.

The yeshiva has turned to the public for financial support at this time. Any amount will help—whether it is a token participation in their emergency activities or a dedication of one of our urgent armored building projects. The satellite branch “Lev LaDaat” in Sderot has an armored dormitory but no armored study hall. This is their most immediate and urgent project. In addition, another armored dormitory building is needed at its main campus. The satellite branch “Derech Chayim” in Kiryat Gat is in need of an entire armored campus—starting with a dormitory building. This is in addition to two other important projects to strengthen the spirit and body—The Sderot Heritage Center and the yeshiva’s Sderot Sports Center. For online donations, visit Or send checks to American Friends of Sderot; 49 Dakota St.; Passaic, NJ 07055. For more information and endowments of major projects call Yossi Baumol 011-972-052-566-5276 or

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