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YFR Talmidim Make Siyum On Maseches Gittin

YFR siyum DSC_8945
Photo by Ivan H. Norman
Mazal tov to Yeshiva of Far Rockaway bachurim who celebrated a siyum on Maseches Gittin this past Thursday night, December 11: Yisroel Bachrach, Nechemya Bornstein, Gavriel Braun, David Braunschweig, Eliezer Brown, Eliyahu Eisenberg, Chaim Feller, Tzvi Goldstein, Avi Greenberg, Meir Greenberg, Meir Haller, Elchonon Messner, Eliyahu Slansky, Yeshaya Sonek, and Uri Zacharowicz.

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