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YINW To Host Mickey Zivan, August 16

The Young Israel of North Woodmere is honored to host dynamic speaker, Mickey Zivan, friend and roommate of Eyal Yifrach, z’l, one of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and killed in the West Bank.

Mickey is visiting shuls and universities to speak in memory of his beloved friend and roommate. “Eyal is the type of person everybody would want as a brother,” Mickey told the Times of Israel on July 19, shortly after Eyal’s funeral. Zivan also said, “Whatever message those who took him and Gilad and Naftali [wanted to convey] it’s obvious that they failed, and are failing, because of that strength, all around Israel. The unity. The love. From the left, from the right, from the religious, from the not-religious.”

So far, Mickey has been warmly received elsewhere in Long Island. At a West Hempstead community-wide event, held at Congregation Eitz Chayim of Dogwood Park on Wednesday, July 30, Mickey spoke before a packed crowd. A resident of West Hempstead, Neil Torczyner, relays that “although I was only able to see Mickey on the video screen, I felt an immediate connection to this boy whom I had never previously heard of. His stories of the achievements of Eyal Yifrach, z’l, during Eyal’s time in Yeshiva Shavei Chevron, were genuine and his stories of the efforts of the yeshiva to organize Tehillim and davening while the boys were missing touched my neshamah. By the end of Mickey’s speech,” Torczyner continued, “I felt that I had been privileged to have a small peek at the incredible kiddush Hashem that came from how Klal Yisrael came together in Israel to daven for ‘our boys.’”

The community-wide event will iy’H take place this Shabbos morning, August 16, at 11:00 a.m. following 9:00 a.m. tefillah, at 634 Hungry Harbor Road in North Woodmere. ϖ

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