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YOSS Motzaei Shabbos Learning Program Inducts More Than 60 Esser Club Members

This past Motzaei Shabbos, more than 60 boys became Esser club members. This number is unprecedented since the yeshiva began its Motzaei Shabbos Learning Program 15 years ago. To be an Esser club member, a boy needs to come to learn 10 Saturday nights. Being that last week was the 10th week, these 60 boys came 10 weeks in a row! Each boy who joins the club will receive a beautiful Chamisha Chumshei Torah with Tefillas Shabbos. This is a very appropriate and beautiful gift which will undoubtedly be used for many years to come. The following is the list of the boys:

Yonatan Aharon, Gavriel Y. Aharon, Yehoshua Aharon, Yedidya Aharon, Meir Bahn, Moshe Blumstein, Yosef Bluth, Yisroel Aryeh Bluth, Baruch Bluth, Johnathan Boxer, Marky Breuer, Chaim Tzvi Bugayer, Yosale Deutsch, Aharon Dimenschstein, Nathan Dimenschstein, Rafi Farbman, Yosef Farbman, Avi Feldman, Akiva Feldman, Yehuda Fiber, Chaim Friedman, Shmaryahu Friedman, Dovie Gladstone, Moshe Goldberg, Yehoshua Goldberg, Moshie Hirsch, Avi Hirsch, Hoodie Hirsch, Yosef Horowitz, Michael Horowitz, Benji Kloc, Menachem Kunin, Ariel Kunin, Avi Levine, Dani Lieberman, Pinchas Lipsky, Emanuel Medows, Yehuda Meisels, Yoni Meisels, Yosef Menashy, Avi Mandel, Yoseph Miller, Binyamin Meir Montaine, Yonatan Zechariah Moskowtiz, Eliyahu Simcha Moskowitz, Chaim Yosef Neuman, Shmuely Pak, Yoni Schonbrun, Avraham Safdieh, Mordechai Simentov, Tzvi Singer, Aryeh Scheinenger, Av Soffer, Sholom Trapunsky, Eli Trapunsky, Yehuda Trapunsky, Shlomo Weinreb, Yosef Weisfeld, Yerachmiel Dov Weisfeld, Yosef Weiss, Shmuel Weiss, Tzvi Weiss, Yehuda Weis, Mordechai Yudin, Yosef Yudin, Moshe Zern, Yaakov Tzvi Zerykier, Nachum Zerykier, Moshe Zinn, and Ezra Zucker.

The program has grown much over the years that the yeshiva now has four satellite locations in the Five Towns, with more than 300 boys coming to learn each Saturday night. Just a few weeks ago on Motzaei Shabbos Chanukah, the boys from all the locations converged at the yeshiva for an unforgettable evening of learning and Chanukah entertainment. After 45 minutes of learning, the boys were enthralled by Rabbi Knowles Kosher Laughs Puppet Theater. The puppet show was hilarious and educational at the same time. Chanukah refreshments of jelly donuts, chocolate coins and ices were generously sponsored by Gourmet Glatt of Cedarhurst. With more than 10 weeks left to the program, the Yeshiva anticipates well over 200 more Esser club members. What a nachas! Kein yirbu. v

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