Young Israel Launches “Project Go Green” To Help Israeli Soldiers

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z9The National Council of Young Israel has launched Project Go Green to help Israeli combat soldiers get the special tzitzit they require. NCYI joined forces with American Friends of the IDF Rabbinate to promote a special tzitzit shirt made from a new fabric (Dri Fit) that resists perspiration and is able to withstand the rigors of the field.

The tzitzit garment (beged) worn by combat soldiers in the Israeli army must be olive green to match their uniform camouflage in the field. The standard-issue green tzitzit is made of thin cotton that does not last long under the extreme rigors of long weeks of field training and combat.

The Young Israel’s new initiative enables people to provide these tzitzit to Israeli combat soldiers. A donation of $25 for 1, or $36 for 2, will help NCYI and American Friends of the IDF Rabbinate reach their goal of supplying 10,000 sets of tzitzit to Israeli soldiers by Rosh Hashanah.

Project Go Green is a unique opportunity to add a layer of protection to our beloved chayalim, while at the same time helping them fulfill a mitzvah as they are defending their country.

The tzitzit can be purchased at American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are all accepted. Additional opportunities to purchase larger quantities are also available to help meet the goal. Please call 212-929-1525, ext. 100, and ask for Project Go Green, or e-mail

In light of the current debate regarding the Israeli army service of Orthodox Jews, it is important to recognize that the army is extremely mindful of the religious needs of its soldiers. For example, if a soldier wants tzitzit, he is provided tzitzit.

The American Friends of the IDF Rabbinate, in collaboration with the National Council of Young Israel, has been working to give the IDF Rabbinate the extra capability to ensure that Israeli soldiers are able to serve their country, while at the same time being able to maintain their religious observance. Among their many areas of activity, in addition to tzitzit, they provide tefillin and tallitot, Torah libraries, and, for combat units in the field, a field aron kodesh and a field beit knesset kit. They also build new or refurbish existing base synagogues and underwrite unit Shabbat seminars, on-base and in Jerusalem. Visit to learn more.

Rabbi Yedidya Atlas, head of special projects for the IDF Chief Rabbinate, is a renowned speaker who is available to serve as a scholar-in-residence in the United States. Synagogues that are interested in hosting Rabbi Atlas and want more information should contact Chaim Leibtag, chief operating officer, NCYI, at 212-929-1525, ext. 106 or v

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