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The National Council of Young Israel sent a letter to the leadership of the 92nd Street Y in New York City requesting that they take greater care in the future not to feature anti-Israel personalities at their public events.
The letter, which was signed by Young Israel President Farley Weiss, Chairman of the Board Robert Levi and 1st Vice President Yosef Poplack, referred to a number of instances over the past several months in which the 92nd Street Y chose to showcase individuals who have publically denigrated the State of Israel, including Roger Waters, a lead member of the band Pink Floyd and a noted critic of Israel, and Alice Walker, a celebrated author who regularly demonizes Israel.
“Your decision to showcase personalities who openly denounce Israel and who unabashedly malign the Jewish State in the public arena is particularly troubling and antithetical to your core mission, and contrary to the deep interests of your primary constituency,” said the letter.
“While we admire your longstanding effort to promote Jewish culture, we are deeply concerned over your ill-considered programmatic decisions that run counter to the interests of your own constituency. Extending an invitation to noted anti-Israel personalities is counterproductive and runs afoul of your desire to affirm a commitment to the State of Israel and world Jewry. Individuals who denigrate the Jewish State should not be welcomed with open arms at any venue that is associated with a Jewish group or organization.”
“We respectfully request that greater care be given in the future to the selection of featured speakers at the 92nd Street Y and ask that you invite those who stand for and with Israel instead of those who call for boycotting Israel.”
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