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ZOA Brooklyn Region’s 14th annual Mishloach Manot Campaign

For the 24th year the ZOA Brooklyn Region will be bringing Mishloach Manot to Israeli soldiers.
“It gives me great satisfaction to once again be leading this project for the 14th year in a row” said Rubin Margulis, president of the ZOA Brooklyn region and the moving force behind the effort. “Often we meet soldiers that have immigrated from the America and the Joy in which they receive the Mishloach Manot is amazing. These brave young men and women, who are defending the people and land of Israe, grew up in America and we all owe them a thank you for a job well done, Yasher Koach.
“Last year we distributed 6,000 Mishloach Manot to soldiers throughout Israel,” Mr. Margulis said. “We reach out to the soldiers, gave them Mishloach Manot, sang, danced and gave them a Freilachan (happy) Purim. Each year the joy and warmth which the Israeli soldiers receive our Mishloach Manot inspire us to return the coming year.
Part of our campaign is to work with schools to have students write cards and letters to be inserted into the Mishloach Manot,” Mr. Margulis explained. “This is a two directional concept. While the soldiers love the cards and letters from supporters in the US, participating students have a chance to use their drawing, Hebrew and writing skills to learn about Israel, her soldiers and Achdut, (oneness) of the Jewish nation.
To donate or write letters to the campaign go to
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